Friday, 23 August 2013

Love filled Cupcakes and a very Regal aging process!

OMG!! Hello, Hi and  'how are ya?' to all my Mini-Sweethearts! I have missed y'all and each of your lovely and inspiring blogs!! It has definitely been a coon's age since I've posted (how old am I? Lol)!.. Unfortunately, too much 'LIFE' going on lately, you know; money problems, kid responsibilities, a little depression thrown in for good measure.. looking for a new 'real' job, trying to catch up on my favorite TV shows.. And oh yeah.. my Grandmother's husband of 26 years died a few weeks ago (naturally) and she couldn't be alone, so I've had only a very small amount of time for self-reflection and refilling my cup. I've actually managed to almost completely avoid mini-making recently and have almost nothing to show you, but I thought I should show up on your reading list soon before y'all forget about me, so here we go: 

First off: this is the coolest treat ever for a Cupcake Addict like me..I had no idea this was possible! I am in love with them!!
This is a REAL 1:1 heart cupcake (not my pic)... of course I went straight to my mini bake shop and tried my hand at making some 1:6 sized ones... Here is my attempt: a moist and  luscious gold and strawberry cake, heart filled cupcake, with a light 'n' fluffy raspberry and rhubarb custard icing..
I found making this goodie a little tricky.. (I can barely make an egg cane so...) but I gave it a shot. I am pleased, although I very much want to make smaller ones (1:12) with different flavors!

Speaking are some White Cake cups slathered with a thick and strong cream-cheese spread. 

They look so great set against my new baking board and lace trimmed tea-towels. 

I adore chocolate mousse cheesecake layered on a crunchy graham cracker crust..and this one is drizzled in dark, rich chocolate, topped with chewy, sugared fruit drops and pistachio bites. Want some? Pass your plate, I'll get the cold milk..

No? Perhaps a smoother pudding cake on crisp, buttery shortbread is more your taste? Well.. I made two, just for you. One with crushed nuts and one without, both dressed with a fragrant fondant rose and leaf.

Y'all know by now that I love nothing more than spending the day in the bright, sunny kitchen, in my cottage chic apron, drinking a mug of  hot, creamy tea. While the oven warms up, I consider the needed ingredients I will use to make/bake todays special treat.  
..a box of decadent strawberry cake mix and a -bursting with blueberries- muffin mix, fat, whole milk and farm fresh laid eggs, a freezing cold mixing bowl and a box of puffy-smooth Dream Whip, pads of butter shaped with love, a few huge bricks of  cooking chocolate and a couple of well worn pie plates.

Almost forgot the two "MUST-HAVES" in my bakery: Sugar and Flour! Also, a jar of raspberry swirl butter bombs and a peek at my newly decorated cupcakes.

Do you like my tiny cherried-rose cakes? The roses are resting on browned and caramelized vanilla sponge, smothered in Summer Fruit butter frosting and sugared leaves... 

 (the table was my first 1:6 scale furnishing project. Made from scratch..of course..)

I made this plant at the same time as the Ingredient table setting. I am deathly afraid of using my paints and paintbrush but it worked on the almost looks real (if you don't look too close! Lol!). I made this for my 1:6 will look better next to the couch it was made for (probably next post..promise). 

Speaking of painting...I have fallen in love (yes, again) with designing furniture and Decorative painting techniques such as faux finishes and patinas. I have no idea how to design or how to draw plans.. but I'm online trying to figure it out. I have started a small table- make and paint -project. Here is what the basic idea is: a side table with a lamp..letterbox/postcards/letters, a plate of treats and a saucer of espresso, a hydrangea and perhaps a chair. This is my progress; made table and drawer..first layer black. 
Next I plan to age, crackle, coat, paint again, sand and wax, then glaze and varnish. Sounds easy right? The hard part for me is the decorative paint job. I have a good eye and know what it should look like and what I really want but translating that to my hands and my piece is an altogether different story..we'll see. My stuff rarely turns out like I saw in my minds eye..sometimes I can't even clearly 'see' what I want the end result to be. And yet once in a blue moon work turns out EXACT! No matter.. I promise to show y'all when I'm done, even if it's awful! 

Something I've just begun to learn is how to apply paint and solutions to age and antique metal or wire furnishings, charms and what nots. This is what I mean:  

Take a few new shiny bits and pieces..

And create something Majestic!! OOOOOoooooo! I love it!! It took many coats and lots of fiddling with paints and such, but it was soooooooooo worth it. I want to cover EVERYTHING with rust and patina now!! Oh no!! BTW, does anyone know a really EXCEPTIONAL place online to buy tiny charms, findings and beads; like crowns, angel beads and pieces to make drawer pulls etc...? Pretty Please Thank you very much.

This will be the lamp for the table...

The lock and key for the drawer...

A Religious Relic from the past with a hint of crystal peeking thru...

I can envision a menagerie of glass and silver bottles and perfumes covering this tray...

Gotta look at this one one more time! Lookie, lookie!! Do you likey??

My absolute favorite piece is this tiny Tiara. She came out perfect... and 1:6 BJ-Barbie can wear this crown, it fits like it was made for her... (ball-jointed..sicko)

Lastly, the candle that will sit by my book on the nightstand...

And... did this one get in here?? That's one of my three girls..Little, mini LayLou! I guess she wanted to say 'ello to our many friends here in Blog-land! xo Ruff Ruff!!

I sure hope everyone who cares to read this post found something in it that is inspiring or yummy...I am not sure if I'll be back sooner or later..I have been working, so hopefully I'll have something cool to show y'all soon. Please take care and be gentle with you. Promise yourself one small treat this week, whether it's a 1000 calorie dessert or a good conversation or a snuggle fest with one of your pups..hey- that sounds good, real good. "Oh Laylouuuu"...

BIG BIG hugs and lots of mini love!!! xoxo


  1. Absolutely wonderful work! I love all of it!

  2. Wonderful blog post Natasha! Great job! You wanted to know an AWESOME place to get beads & charms? Shipwreck Beads! The are a bead WAREHOUSE & have THOUSANDS to choose from! Anyway, your mini baking is awesome! I am not much for mini food making so really admire your talent! Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Natasha! I love the aged metal and you have done a smashing job with the patinas! Wow! Your preparation table is wonderful and so are the assorted mini cakes and cupcakes! To make the Real Life one with the heart inside would be quite the challenge but what pleasure when you take a bite! Your mini ones, turned out extremely well and you must be very proud and happy to have worked it out so successfully. Beautiful post! Scrumptious work! and a very cute puppy!



  4. The table with sweets and cakes look really fantastic. I love your chocolate heart shape cake.

  5. Hi Natasha! It's always fun to hear from you. I love everything you've shown here, especially your baking table and cupcakes and your darling dog. I just ADORE those scrumptious cakes you sent me. Did you see my posts about my new mini cake shop? You can see both your cakes there (including a link to your blog). I love reading your posts and miss you when you're gone. xo Jennifer

  6. Its so great to hear from you! I, too had to take a bit of a break away from minis! But I am back now, too! I wish you all the best! I love all of the rusted items! They are beyond perfect! :)

  7. Your minis are so cute! Those cupcakes are the best! Hey that chair you asked about on my blog I made it from a pattern I found online. It's in my blog post here:
    Keep up that incredible work.

  8. Hi Natasha, I just adore your miniature food. It's great to have you back in blogland--hope to see you again soon! xo Jennifer

  9. I love your pictures Natasha! You have a real artist's eye for taking great pics :) Great to see you posting again! Hope to see you soon!

  10. Hobbies and exciting work, very realistic, keep it up!

  11. Oh Gosh Thank youThank you for the tip.. I've been searching for a great bead store online and magically you offered me one!! Your positivity and encouragement is so incredibly sweet and kind. I appreciate it so! Hugs love!

  12. So happy you found me and you like it! Very very happy to 'meet' you. Your thoughtful comment motivates me beyond words! Thank you..BIG hugs!

  13. Oh Elizabeth you sound like such a doll! I am thrilled when I get generous feedback like yours! Thank you for taking the time to read my little post; I am pleased as a peach that you enjoyed it!! Come back soon! Hugs'n'Hugs!!