Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A little hostility and a slice of pie

 Hi y'all ... *sigh. I am definitely having one of those days ... problems no matter what I'm trying to do today, feeling incredibly anxious and irritable; and that's no mood for fiddily miniature work. Finished a couple of pieces but as usual all I'm seeing are the mistakes:

Pie crust looks to orange for my taste ... I have found it really hard to get that nice golden brown 'baked' look with my pastels. Also wondering if my pie is too large for 1:12 ? Hmmm?

Next up: my first try at a table spread:

Like this for the most part, but the apples I made so carefully (stems are perfect size...yay!) have too much translucent. Oh well, lesson learned.
BTW really tired of all the dust around while I'm playing with my clay..anyone know what kind of filter or such works best?? How do you guys avoid it?
Okay that's it for today cause I'm feeling too out of sorts to write, probably shouldn't of even posted today but I wanted to show this work and move on. Gonna have a hot bubble bath and read the latest Jackie Collins, then bed. I'll start fresh tommorrow ... Mini hugs and love ..