Saturday, 14 July 2012

Some good..some ba - ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL!

Hello are y'all? Hopefully you've been enjoying the sunshine at the lake, the beach, the cottage or the patio ... in real or miniature. I'm still plugging along trying to get done all the projects I foolishly committed to then promptly ignored till 2 months before our show. Well slowly but surely I'm making progress and as suggested some is good and some is downright ridiculous. I'll show you all and you tell me if I should just give up now :)

The assortment of goods I've made as options for my cart (we'll see what fits :)) I really like how the apple torte, banana custard puddings and cherry crumble in a cup turned out.

My pies generally turned out all right. Here is pumpkin and key lime, strawberry and blueberry..

Cherry turnovers, cherry chip shortbread and strawberry rhubarb love pie.
Peach is one of my favourites...

Macaroons, cupcakes, bunny and Venus shortbread with CAKE POPS!!! These were all's where I start to go wrong: Fruit and veggies! This is my first time trying all:

  Oranges by LugArt...Peaches and papayas aren't too bad although they both crumbled..(low heat me thinks..) but the cucs and (choke) watermelon is horrible:
So a few steps forward and a few back..Oh how I wish I could go to a guild school or some real mini workshops but here in Edmonton Alberta Canada there is pretty much nothing. Sigh. How am I gonna get better??? Practise I guess. So I'm going to continue trying the f$#@ts and veggies and I'm hoping they will all look better compiled together on the cart..a bit of an illusion..I hope. Wish me luck and leave some advice or feedback, I need it as you can see...

Mini hugs and BIG love. xo

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Finally a full days work...

Hi Y' is everyone today? I'm feeling good as we all do with the completion of a project, a good start on something due or the delight of a piece turning out exactly as planned. Today I finished a number of small pieces and made some headway on the three projects I would like to finish by September (have had all year to do it, yet here I am to-do list in hand)...Well lets look at some pics and I'll show you what I mean:

Been trying really, really hard to make yummy, realistic clay cakes. This is my best effort to date, yet of course I only see what is wrong. I'll spare you my critique. :) I had also wanted to do a white and cream with red accents scene..This cake was the first piece:

I have been making bakery items (think red velvet cake and key lime pie..) for the cart I'm making for the Sept. show. I made the cart from scratch using JoAnne Swansons' pattern. The first mini I ever crafted like that for sure. So I will cover this in white and distress it, add a soft green with white polka dot cover, some bunting and all my goodies. For now you will have to imagine; I just wanted to document the 'before' :

..and wheels,yah.

The other piece I hope to finish is a Smoothie Cart entitled "YUM YUM SMOOTHIES and juice bar". This will be shingled and covered with blenders, a scale, wheat grass and an abundance of fruit and veggies in big wooden bowls...That's gonna be a little tuff since I'll have to sculpt so many different items for the first time...Oh well, I'm ambitious when it comes to this stuff!

I made the picnic table from Popsicle sticks during our Edmonton mini group. I decided to finally fill it today or it would never get done. There are alot of things I would have liked to of added but you can only put so much! The apple pie is Kim Saulters and the macaroni and roses are ideas by Cynthia Sperin:

Do you like the Yum Yum drink? Even made it a label!

So that's what I spent all this rainy, melancholy doing. I also am making a Fortune Teller/Psychic tent and I've got all my pieces and plans ready but all the furniture is yet to arrive and I must check the floor plan and that all will fit before I go ahead and attach the walls..Pray for me..she is the only stall that counts..It's going to be amazing but I wish I had better skills to try more advance techniques..unfortunately I have no more time for experimenting. I have to learn to not be so fussy and hard on myself!! I'll for sure post lots of the Tent when it's finished...Probably a few peeks so come back and check it out. Now it's time for candy bars, a good movie and some snuggling.."Nighty Nite...