Monday, 26 March 2012

Okay Here we go...

Finally ready to show you guys some pictures. First I'll show you a few finished pieces and then I'll show you what I'm up to today:

These breads are my first ever, (I just started with miniature food 6 months ago) made from a tutorial by Pei li. Definitely need to work on my white layer. I had never used acrylic paint on my clay, always aoft chalk. Also this was the first try with air dry clay as I'm a

This is a table I'm working on. Decorated my cake stand with instructions from Cynthia's Cottage Design. Many more will soon be for sale at my as-of-yet-not-set-up Etsy shop. If your interested in something before the shop is ready,  just let me know in the comments, on Facebook or my email. 

Here is my take on the Market basket. I made everything except the bottle and the 'book' by Roxanne Fern. Bread is polymer clay and pastels.

 In the Easter spirit! Next I will make some eggs and lollypops, just collecting supplies. So loving my cupcakes. Might as well tell you now that they are my favorite thing in the world. Cupcake anything makes me happy. Waiting to put easter bunny handles on the drawers, metal pieces will soon be here for molding...

Just another shot of my pansy cupcakes. I am just so pleased that they turned out exactly as I had in mind..that's been a rare experience with this stuff. :)

So today while doing laundry I have 3 or 4 mini projects on the go (nevermind all the pieces/ ideas I am really working on..). Here's a shot of the frames I'm making, obviously did not make the big white one, that's from Micheals', 49 cents. These will be included in the tables and cabinets that will feature my food for sale. Don't know how I'm going to sell anything with my crappy photography; anyone have any advice or tutorials about miniature picture taking???

In between loads these chairs are slowly becoming ready to distress. Did I mention that shabby chic and cottage design is what I'm all about? Well I am, hope you love it as much as I do. I love pieces that are really overly distressed with two or three colors showing, natural wood mixed with lace and tons of roses and vintage whites'n'creams...ah...sigh...

Lastly, I really love antique cream and linen whites but I really wanted to play with some color so...this $1.50 Micheals hutch looks like nothing now but with some turquiose paint, some mesh and a few roses and you won't recognise it!
Okay I think that's enough for a good start..I can't wait to finish more stuff so I can show you more pictures. I don't dare show you my earlier work but I'm growing in leaps and bounds..and soon we will be fast friends. Mini hugs and Happy Monday to y'all!
                                                                                                                   XO Tasha

Sunday, 25 March 2012

A slight introduction...

Hi y'all! First post! name is Natasha and I'm living in Edmonton Alberta with my 16 year old son, Ramses. Life has been hard since I came but I've found something that delights me on a daily basis,dollhouse miniatures and miniature food! So that will be the focus point of this blog but I'm quite sure you will learn a lot about me personally too. I'm really looking forward to making a few friends on here, mini and non, so please say Hello or ask me questions cause I really love feedback. I wanted to show you some pics but my son has the laptop so I'm blogging from my iPhone and I can't add photos so you'll have to wait till tommorrow, but then I'll have lots to show ya! Minihugs and Happy Sunday to all of you! XO Tasha.
PS. I'll do up my background tommorrow to so we'll be all pretty!! ;)