Friday, 25 January 2013

Valentines, my favorites and a HUGE To-do list due

 Hello again everyone!! Always happy to come and find you here! I actually have a couple of new followers so I definitely want to Welcome them. Hello and Thank you for joining in. It's a good time to be a follower of mine...
 So recently I've been piddling around, for days and days it seems, beginning several projects at once and finishing only one or two, here and there. I swear, my talent lies within  the organizing  of ideas, tools and inspiration that together create the miniature pieces, never-mind actually  making any of them!. Lol! Speaking of inspiration..many of you have been starting new Facebook pages and Etsy shops and I too jumped on a small bandwagon today..No, my Etsy is not yet a reality but my new Business Page on Facebook is:  Tah Dah!
I know it's not a MAJOR,HUGE, GIGANTIC feat but I'm happy with my progress, (today I am anyways..) So please come LIKE my page and keep up with me on the regular. Personal contact with all of y'all really keeps me motivated and is super important to me so I can connect with everyone even in just a small way.
 Well enough chat for now.. shall we get on with the show? All right. Without further adieu:

 I know Christmas is way over but I just have to show you a couple of the last photos I have before I get to the new stuff. Here are a few Xmas tree cakes I made:

Gotta love PINK with CUPCAKES; my two favorite things!

Sweet sugary icing covering a Brownie Crunch Christmas Cake.

I've always wanted a pure white Xmas tree..*sigh.

More Cupcakes, this time with BOWS! My third favorite thing!

Remember that cake box and palette from last post? It created light and fluffy RED VELVET CAKE! My fourth favorite thing!!! (Okay this is getting silly, but it's true! ^^)

My beautiful and delicate, 'wooden' cake stand holding my Valentines Day Cake prototype.

All right I think I mustI have a NEW and FINISHED piece around here somewhere don't I?... Oh yes..voila! My Mug Rack. I made this gorgeous shabby piece to match in my 'Dream-Kitchen' project but I know a little mouse who just HAD to have it for her I relented. What the Hell..I can always make another and she cannot. That damned mouse is the same one who made off with my DK's Spice Rack as well! Of course it's actually, really, very, very nice, to have a regular, repeat customer who adores my pieces..I mean really. Please let's all wish Sharon M a wonderful HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  

Need more Knick knacks!!!!

I came across these darling little shirts on and I HAD to make some. I again just mixed and matched the few odd pieces of material that I have but I made do for sure.. Many more up my sleeve..wait till you see the feminine ones to be made...ADORABLE!!!

(Yes, I realized with these 3D digital freaking photos that the collars need a button. Whoops. Thank you.)

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have my first Custom Order..This is the Strawberry/Coconut Cake included in it. I honestly think it is the best I've done so far, after almost 18 months of learning and trying. Super proud. (C'mon y'all..if you don't recognize and respect your own achievements, who will??)

The rose is absolutely perfect and this cake just looks so incredibly moist and fragrant; the coconut so light and crisp. The browned cake bits make my tummy growl! And to think I almost trashed the cake layers because the appeared a tad too orange too me at first. Now I see it's the perfect shade for strawberry sponge cake. (Or maybe pink lemonade?? YUM.)

So then all I have got left this week I think, is projects in the works..Pardon? Y'all wanna see those too? Well. All right... Let's see.. next piece:  Barbie size 1:6 scale UGGS. Check out the awesome materials Pat M brought me (again). I'd have so little without her:

Leathers', suedes', snake skin replica and the soft ivory fabric is super thin shearling material that is  simply 'to die for!'  PERFECT! YaY! Thanks again are always so thoughtful and considerate of me. I am so glad we are friends! 

Then.. I need to finish Rowan V. Draccos' love-seat because the poor girl has NO furniture. Not a chair or even a blanket to sit on. NADA. Need to start collecting for her asap! So many Barbie items to be had!  Now.. the question is: Do we go a bright, bold, fresh Fuschia Pink, or a crisp, clean, wheat colored Egyptian cotton weave. Each is so appealing and the pillows for both are divine! What to do?! Decisions, decisions!! :)

As if  all that isn't enough..I also started this Robin Betterley's Secret Book. Never made this scale (1;48 maybe?) before. Of course I promptly busted the chair, which threw it all out of alignment. Now the legs are glued on upside down so that they will still  fit. Gotta love improvisation as a miniaturists tool... I really, really..really love the Coop and the Armoire:

Some of you may have seen my stand alone Pantry. I sold it a few months ago but accidently included this Shaker basket in the bag of accessories. I was really upset because I received this little basket straight from Kim Saulter (my idol) as a gift with the pie and mugs I ordered; so it means a lot to me. Thankfully Pat understood and agreed to let me have the basket back once I offered to make her her own Shaker basket.

So I have managed to shape the wood somewhat and I'm hoping they will turn out nice...they should, the shape looks pretty good...

I also plan on making several of these darling little turtlenecks as I have a trade coming up and it's with a Mini- GUY-friend. I know..rare right. Well I don't know what to make for him but these sweaters, the shirts  and a couple of nice Geographical Art Prints are a start. This will be my second trade and I' really looking forward to it. Check out my last post to see my first trade gift items.

So I guess that's about all for now..Oh! Except for one last thing..Valentines Day is coming up..Thought I would make some Valentine-Pin-up-girl-Cake-boxes. Here's one of them:

I also made milk chocolate chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream..

White chocolate covered berries on a stick..

..and a few sugar cookies and fruit.

And by the time I had finished  I had decided that my 125th follower will receive a free Cake and Box!! 

There are even different ones y'all can choose from!!  Just because each of you mean so very much to me!! Good Luck being #125! Thanks for stopping in today.. please do not be a stranger! Your comments, messages and feedback are most welcome. My mini-friends are so incredibly special, I am grateful to be a part of this community!  

Off to watch my new guilty pleasure, televisions "NASHVILLE" and to inhale oodles of Yogen Fruz frozen yogurt (also my FAV! ;P)..
Good night, sleep well... Mini hugs and BIG BIG love till next time!!  xoxo

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

A belated Christmas Feast..for the eyes.

 Well, well, well. Here we are in a brand New Year! I hope the Holidays were filled with friends, family, laughter and warmth for each of you, my precious mini-friends. And hopefully a surprise or two from Santa were found under the tree as well! I spent the Holidays completely unplugged, with my son, Ramses, and our three lovely furry girlies. Funny thing is that just before I shut down my laptop and snuggled up with my little family, I posted a Xmas blog so y'all could see a few new things I had been up to and to give ya something to peruse while I took my break. Imagine my confusion when I logged on yesterday and couldn't find my post?!? I don't know what happened, though I expect I closed the page before it finished publishing, hence 'ghost-post'. Seeing as it had been somewhat Christmas themed I considered not resubmitting it but I decided to go ahead and post again with a few revisions. I hope y'all enjoy my newest creations and additions:

For a long time now I have been pining desperately for my very own 1:6 scale Ball-jointed Momoko doll. They are fairly expensive so I have been saving and dreaming..Then, a couple weeks ago, I found a type of semi bjd: a 12" Barbie in Walmart! She was so incredibly beautiful and trendy chic (as well as so the right price) that I knew she was meant for me! I brought her home and have christened her: Rowan Vanderbuilt Dracco. She is 24 years old and loves Pole-dancing, Body Sculpting, Writing, Technology of any kind and cupcake anything! She works in Publishing, craves time at the beach and collects masses of contemporary Art and modern furnishings. Rowan lives alone with her hairless Sphinx cat, Rolo, and considers herself very much a 'Playgirl'. Her hobbies include bubble baths, Roller-derby and eating CAKE. Her favorite color is Leopard. Or any other animal print. 

One thing I really realized is that I have absolutely NOTHING in 1:6 scale! No furniture or kitchen goodies. Nada. First order of business for my darling girl is to make her a vibrant pink cotton couch with a clean, bold design. I have managed to cut the wood with a miter saw.. Y'all know how bad I want a table saw of some I found a cheap circular saw at the pawn shop a while ago. It was awkward and heavy and I couldn't figure out how to cut against my square or how to line up the blade (yes I consulted the manual, the website and Utube). Also I was petrified of slicing off an appendage; so I took the saw back and put the money into ANOTHER 'save' jar. Any ideas on what kind of saw I should invest in? What would you all use if you could only have ONE???

In an attempt to start Rowans' 1:6 scale stock I decided to put together some magazines I found online.

I really loved them all (3 of each kind. Made 12)

I liked the cake in this one so much...

That I HAD to make one!! Lol!

These ones had a Christmas cover and spread! Seasons Greetings!!

Lucky for me I found I had some mugs that would work for this larger we adorned them with DONUTS! Love love love these!!! Tea or Coffee or maybe a Mocha with half coffee, a dash of peppermint and a heap of whipped cream? Mmmmm. I must make!!! 

I made this delicate kitchen towel and cloth set with a bow and a bud in 1:12 and 1:6 (not shown) cause I just liked them so much. I can't wait to get some different fabric samples as well as the fabric you can print on..Some ribbon and some lace and I'll make some wicked good rags then!!

Of course I am always stocking my pantries in both scales so Rowan and I had to do some shopping: 
Count Chocula, Twinkies and Jiffy Pop are all I need..hehe.

Cake mixes and Wesson Oil, A 'Miniaturist' magazine and a few toiletries .maybe Blonds do have more fun? We'll see...

For a moment I want to switch gears and tell you something kinda cool that happened at my Local Mini Groups' Xmas Party..Each year we do a blind swap and then dinner. Everyone brings a small wrapped gift and after drawing random numbers, each member is called in turn to approach the table of presents and pick one. No one knows what is inside or who it's from till after they open it. Last year a great gal named Sonny chose my parcel. I received this astonishing little stool from  a wonderful lady named Carol K.

This year I was stunned to notice that AGAIN, Sonny picked my present!! I could hardly believe the coincidence. Meanwhile I was grumbling to Carol (who am so grateful to call my friend) who had sat next to me because the gift I chose had been gamely wrapped and re-wrapped to taunt and tease me. I almost chocked when I realized what I had opened:
This exquisitely made Tea pot with Carol K's carefully made tea COZY. Is it incredible or what!!! I am so inlove with my sweet winter cottage warmer! Can you believe I chose a gift from the same gal as I did last year? Wild!!!

I received something else just before my birthday in December; My first TRADE package!!! YAY! And what a fabulous parcel it is!! Honestly I am so happy and grateful for meeting my dear friend Ayumi Sabihah Suzuki. She sent an awesome bundle of her marvelous work and she couldn't have made the entire experience more amazing and fulfilling for me. I can only hope she feels half as good about my present to her as I am by hers. Her is a pic of the bulk of it: 
Mainly books and magazines with lovely food packaging and some thoughtful assorted pieces...

A few book jackets that I can fill myself..along with some pantry items that she made from scratch; logo,text and images alike were all created entirely by her!! Wish I could do that! Jello!!

She knew how much I was craving this mug so she gave it to me. I am such a mooch!! But I do love it so!!

Butters, a jam and a bunch of candy..yum yum!

A closer look..some of the magazines are 'opened' to beautifully illustrated articles and mini features..

Don't you want a calender just like this for your Dollhouse? Oh my I am a very very lucky duck!

Because it was near my B-day, Ayumi was considerate enough to add this GORGEOUS birthday card. Look at the tasty cake insert. I truly love this card. I think it's my favorite ever. That girl has immaculate taste! 

Included as extras was this memo pad, stickers, earrings, key chains and squishy  I can't stop squeezing my feels so good and relaxing. I know, I'm a weirdo!!

Also in the wrapping was these frothy scented bubble baths. How did she know that the bath is my third favorite place? Right after #1 The Beach, and #2 Under my covers in my cuddly-down-duvet-clad-with-feather-pillows-and-cotton-sheets bed...

During my little break I was inspired to make these easy-peasy cake stands as I've almost run completely out of glass ones (panicking!). These were so fun to make and the final product couldn't look better as far as I'm concerned...

Which one do you like the best???

I really wanted to make a sweets filled tree decorated with tasty treats and shabby adornments but I just didn't have the time. Fortunately I found I tiny Nativity set I bought long ago, thinking they were 1:12. They were too big so I put them away but lo and behold they are the perfect size to decorate my tree! 

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus!! 

Look at this tiny sheep favorite of the bunch!! B'aaaaa'aaaa!

..But I didn't just fool around decorating trees! I was slaving away in a warm kitchen that smelled of butter and eggs, vanilla and icing sugar, apples and cinnamon, and of course, oranges, peppermint, gingerbread and chocolate.    

I can't get enough of cupcakes!

Christmas tree cakes. How shall I decorate. Hmmm, so many different styles and possibilities.

Just going in..better set the timer!

All cool and ready for thick and sticky icing!

If your going to spend the day baking your gonna need a few supplies whether in 1:12 or 6: 
Here are a sample of some of the necessities: Flour, icing sugar, eggs, milk, choco chips and butter. !;12 and 1:6.

The milks..side by side...

The scoop is still in the flour!



Speaking of supplies..I made this sideboard and stocked it chock full of supplies for some delicious Christmas baking:

Oil, molasses, vanilla, soda and powder, a xmas-cookie cookbook, some pink icing and a plateful of crisp and buttery sugar cookies, fresh from the oven.

Four, sugar, salt.

A set of shabby chic mixing bowls and wooden cutting board with a couple of pink Christmas cookie cutters!

Rolling pin, utencils and a baking sheet covered in parchment. Cake stand with golden sponge vanilla cupcakes.

Cookie close-up! Can you smell the sugary butter and cinnamon??

Thick and creamy, bright, dark-pink icing and sugar beads to decorate.

Fresh light and fluffy cupcakes waiting patiently for some icing and decorations.. I have been toying with the thought of opening an Etsy. Perhaps this piece would be something I could sell there? Does anyone think that's a good idea for me?? Would anyone want a piece like this??... Maybe I should just concentrate on getting better while I save money for my own website and/or just concentrate on making stock so I can do shows? What to do??

*  *  *  

Rowan is in the Spirit with a Jumbo card and a holiday wreath smothered with cranberries, sugar cookies and oranges. It smells heavenly!!

The acorns and ribbon really dress it up!

A cupcake (1:6) break on a Christmas doily.  I am enthralled with making food in this size as you can add so much more detail! Can't wait..blueberry muffins up next!

I also made this 1:6 bake sheet and palette knife. What in the world shall I do with these two items?? Oh I know..I know..but you won't..until my NEXT post!! Don't worry it won't be so long till the next one!

I hope this post has been nice to browse thru. Remember that all the items I've made and presented here on this blog/flickr/facebook can be bought or re-made for sale. As always: Custom orders and requests are welcome.

I am trying out a look that is closer to my final vision for this page. My colors are still Peach, Cranberry and Pink. What do y'all think. Please comment and follow. I really cherish each and every contact made here...

Before I go I want to mention something completely off topic. If you have not seen the new movie: "Pitch Perfect" GO WATCH IT now!!! It really really moved me. Fantastic talent and singing from all! A real 'feel good' flick that I will watch again and again!!!

Till next time! Mini hugs and BIG BIG love to each and every one of you! xoxo