Sunday, 25 March 2012

A slight introduction...

Hi y'all! First post! name is Natasha and I'm living in Edmonton Alberta with my 16 year old son, Ramses. Life has been hard since I came but I've found something that delights me on a daily basis,dollhouse miniatures and miniature food! So that will be the focus point of this blog but I'm quite sure you will learn a lot about me personally too. I'm really looking forward to making a few friends on here, mini and non, so please say Hello or ask me questions cause I really love feedback. I wanted to show you some pics but my son has the laptop so I'm blogging from my iPhone and I can't add photos so you'll have to wait till tommorrow, but then I'll have lots to show ya! Minihugs and Happy Sunday to all of you! XO Tasha.
PS. I'll do up my background tommorrow to so we'll be all pretty!! ;)

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