Saturday, 24 November 2012

Giveaway Winners!

Good day y'all! Today the draw winners were chosen and I'm ready to announce them. So without further ado...

FIRST prize goes to Gwendolyn Edwards!

SECOND prize was won by Kikka!

THIRD prize will be sent to Indy-Poppy!

I am asking each of the winners to e-mail me at so that we can discuss your prize choices and tell me where to send your winnings. 

Before I sign off I must Thank you all for following my blog and entering my giveaway! Y'all have warmed my heart and blown me away with your compliments and well wishes. I do so wish I could send a prize to each of you...but not to worry if your name was not drawn this time; I will hold another contest soon! And please remember that I am almost always available for swaps/trades as well as requests for custom work! Now I'm off to spend my night under the covers with my pups and some dark chocolate Xmas toffee to watch SNL...Goodnight!


  1. Congratulations to the three very lucky winners! Thank you so much, Natasha, for holding this amazing giveaway! xo Jennifer

  2. Congratulations to the three lucky winners. Thank you for the opportunity to win your amazing generous gifts.

  3. Congratulations to all three lucky winners of your amazing giveaway!
    Thank you Natasha for the chance.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. Congratulations to the very lucky winners of your fantastic giveaway. Thank you for the wonderful draw.
    Hugs Maria

  5. Hi... Can`t believe my Lucky day :D
    Thank You, Thank YOU, THANK YOU! I am thrilled!
    I`ll e-mail you...

  6. Felicidades a las ganadoras, unos regalos fantásticos, una pena no haber conocido tu blog antes, me hubiera encantado participar, feliz semana:)

  7. Congratulations to the lucky winners!!
    Bye Faby

  8. Felicitaciones a las ganadoras y muchas gracias a ti por este sorteo.
    Un abrazo

  9. Congratulation to the lucky winners. Thank you for the wonderful chance.
    Hugs from Craftland

  10. Congrats to the lucky winners! This was such a fun giveaway! Thank you, Natasha, for giving us this opportunity!

  11. felicidades a las ganadoras por esos preciosos premios y gracias a ti por la oportunidad



  12. Congratulations to the lucky winners! Thank you Natasha for the generous giveaway and the chance to win! Gill x

    1. 90 followers..really couldn't have gotten such great results with out you Gill. I would really like to send you a thank you gift after Christmas. Perhaps you could email your address and give me a hint as to what type of food item would be appreciated? BIG hugs girlie! xo

  13. Enhorabuena a las ganadoras y agracias a ti por darnos la oportunidad.
    besitos ascension

  14. Thank you all for entering and following during this giveaway! I had so much fun I can't wait to do it again. I think another draw will be held for Valentines day. I love the idea of sending out Valentine prizes, especially to any other 'Single ladies' out there; so y'all can watch for that. I also want to Thank y'all for your considerate well wishes to the winners! The good sportsmanship y'all demonstrate really makes me happy and just goes to show how wonderful all you mini artists and collectors are! Remember that I am available for swaps/trades as well as custom work. Sometimes your favorite artist may not be available during the busy holiday season and that's the perfect reason for giving me and my work a try! I am feeling extremely grateful to be part of the miniature/dollhouse community and I wish you all an inspiration filled season of giving! BIG BIG Hugs and all the love I can muster to each of you! XOXO