Saturday, 2 March 2013

As is..

Hey Y'all! Yes, it has been too long hasn't it? Well to be honest I kept putting off this post because I had envisioned it a certain way with all 1:6 scale items for Rowan but because of a few mini-SNAFU's, that's not possible. First problem is her love-seat. I hate the way it turned out..have to re-design, re-do and re-cover with thinner fabric. (How do y'all deal with the folds and corners???What a bi%$h!) I have some better ideas. I ALWAYS like my second try better so try, try again y'all. Well here's my first try: no legs or pillows (like I'd planned) is:

Speaking of pillows..I've been trying out printable fabric sheets. They average about $2 a sheet but are soooo worth it. They print beautifully and the fabric is a great feeling cotton. Love'em. Here is a picture of the unassembled pillows (as is) I will be sewing today.. Anyone like Sailor Jerry?

 I wanted to make a cupcake pattern to make my first fabric sheet. The first design I created looks like this on the computer: 

Took me a while to get the size right (on paper):

But I finally's a close up of the printed fabric:

Unfortunately I found the first printing looked almost yellow instead of pink I tried subtracting the yellow ink and it came out blue. Uggg! Here it is: *sigh

So you probably noticed Rowan in her new apron, seeing as that's all she's wearing..(teehee) BECAUSE I am busy trying to make her a bra and thong set. They are not ready to show or she'd have em on (she's being extremely patient..but is complaining it's cold).  Remember I said I would try making her some UGGs. Well I managed to do just that:

 Keep in mind that I had to fit her arched, un-movable foot into them..hence the short, high toe. Doing my best y'all. First time ever you know?

First try at making her leopard print wooden wedges as well. Already know what to do next time to make them better. This is.

I also managed to start her kitchen accessories collection. This is her shabby chic shaker basket with a few berries. Gonna take me awhile to fill it up. Here it is:

...slightly distressed! I love!

Pat found this perfect little strainer while we were searching for mini tube-cutters. Doesn't it look great beside the little whisk I made? Needs potatoes being washed and cut... gotta paint the whisk too I think:

..and she gifted me with this beautiful set of green bowls. The photo doesn't do the colors justice. They are actually all shades of green and not yellow and brown like they look here. So much for my thousand dollar camera (needs natural light of course!).

So you might know I have begun making my own printables  I've already asked my group and my neighbors to save their packaging. Thanks to tips from a mini friend I realized my scan settings were off. I fixed them and they are still dull. So now a new printer is on the dreaded 'to-get' list. Oh well. Here they is.

Lastly some food: Unfortunately I completely forgot my 'take all food photos in natural light' vow I made. What? How?? I know. So here's a few pics..with damned is:

Ding Dong

Hot and fresh pepperoni!!

Turn up the tv and pass me another slice!

Here you go...
 (needs drippy cheese. Sheesh. Looking back at my blogs with these large HD photos really helps me learn and grow. I'm grateful for that.)

Another beer too? Pass the lime please. Burrbbbb. Excuse!

And finally something you can eat for real: MUG CAKE!!



1 angel food cake mix (type that says "just add water")
1 cake mix (any flavor of your choice...I've made chocolate, red velvet, and strawberry..)


Mix both mixes together and store in a Ziploc bag or other container.

To make a cake, put 1/3 cup of mix in a coffee mug (safe for the microwave). Add 3 tablespoons of water and mix.

Cook on 100% power for 1 minute (I've found the red velvet takes a little longer...just make sure the cake looks dry and not wet on top).

Flip cake onto a plate upside down

Cake can be served plain or topped however you like it.

Possible toppings: icing sugar, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, frosting, ice cream, etc.


The awful chocolate cake box was free online. I made the angel food cake box printie.

You can also use the mix the old fashioned way and still bake in the mug for a few minutes longer. I like to add Hershey's syryp too.

Mixing the mixes

Voila! Let it cool!!!

Grease the mug if you wanna pop them out nicely!

 Now some cupcakes and liners:

Before and after!

Liners. Yes I make my own.

Needs some more sugared beads. (what was I thinking??)

Alright I'm sure y'all need a fresh cup of coffee by now so I'll let ya go with one last thought or two: Things don't always work out..but at least you can always start again a fresh! So go start your day with a fresh attitude and I'll see y'all next time!

BIG BIG love and Mini hugs! xoxo


  1. Your minis are wonderful. I like the boot and the sweets are delicious.
    Bye Fbay

  2. Hi Faby..Thanks for commenting. I'm not as pleased with this post as I am with the others..but they can't all be gems...Mini hugs girl!xo

  3. veo que has estado muy ocupada y te ha cundido el tiempo , unas minis preciosas



    1. Hi Mari..Thank you so much for supporting me and my blog page. I'm not sure of all of what your saying but I know preciosas and that's good enough for me! *BIG grin Mini-hugs and LoVE!

  4. Hi Natasha, I love seeing your latest creations and reading your fun blog posts. Sounds like you've been super busy lately. Me too, working on my taxes and checking out Pinterest. But I've got some new posts coming up in the next few days--it feels so good to be blogging again after a short break. All of your mini food looks so yummy! That pink coconut cake and your mini cupcakes are my absolute faves!!! Keep making the food, and please tell me when your Etsy shop is up. I'm looking forward to making some mini purchases! :-) xo Jennifer

    1. Hey Jennifer! So happy to have you drop in! Yes mini-making has been keeping me exceptionally busy but it's all been fun so far. Too many projects on the go though. I did however manage to finish your 'Vintage Birthday Cake' but couldn't afford to send it till a few days ago. You will find a sweet surprise in the mail soon but it could take a couple weeks for sure. I am still working on my first Etsy piece but once it's done..I'm signing up! I'm gonna go see if your new posts are up yet..Later lovely lady! Mini hugs and BIG kisses too!
      PS: You don't have to wait for my store to open..I sell or can re-make and sell anything you see here on my blog..I also take custom orders and special requests of all kinds! If you want something in particular just send me an email to:

    2. Hi Natasha! What a sweetheart you are! I can't wait to receive your package. I'll start thinking about what I'd like to order in the future. Oh, there are so many wonderful mini foods here--it all looks mouthwateringly good! I'll let you know as soon as your package arrives. Keep having fun! xo Jennifer

  5. P.S. Those mini strawberries are totally fab!!! xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you Jenn..I adore making the larger 1:6 scale items as you can add and actually see more detail than on 1:12. Super fun for me..I want Barbie everything now! Lol.

  6. The mug cake miniscape is adorable! It looks good enough to eat for real. :)

    And that strainer is the perfect find!

    1. Thank you for dropping in and for commenting! I'm really glad you like what you see. Yes..that strainer is awesome isn't it..I love finding stuff like that! Take care and come back soon! Mini hugs!

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    1. I keep getting these comments from Anonymous?! Is this a viris or hacking of some kind?? If not please excuse me..I can't figure out if the comments are about my work and page or not??? Am I new or what?? Lol! Mini hugs to all anyways!

  8. thanks for share..

  9. Hi Natasha! Love your miniature treats, they look good enough to eat! I wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for an award! You can see it on my blog! Congratulations!