Sunday, 2 September 2012

Greenery, Baked goods, a little Modern flavour..and my dogs..

Yo Y'all! Just gonna jump right in and say how pleased I am to open Blogger and see that I now have 19 followers! Thank you all for following and offering comments, advice and encouragement. Too Cool! So I'm going to do my part by bringing the eye-candy! Here's what I've been making:

With a tut by Minieden I made this Aloe. I know it's a monster..smaller next time.

I was inspired to make a cottage settee. Well, it's not what I'd planned but it turned out okay with some pillows I made from True2Scale. Really need to learn some other distressing techniques for sure! But I'm tying:

Next up a strange interpretation of a Halloween themed cake, white buttercream icing with vanilla sponge, topped with a peach and black dipped fondant rose..

Now my version of a Rocky Road Chocolate Cake and cupcakes; with marshmallow icing, mini marshmallows, chocolate chunks and drizzle, covered with crunchy walnut pieces! (God it's late and I'm sooooooo hungry! Can you tell???)

One last food item before new project talk...Anyone love jelly beans? Here are a few strawberry sponge cupcakes just for you!! And a mug too!

Before I go I have to tell you about my mini groups' annual project coming up: We are making an Attic Room Roombox. I want to make two; One a very Modern Craft Room with lots of color blocking and bold patterns with simple lines and one or two very contemporary furniture pieces, the other a 'White Room' with tons of creams, whites, other neutrals and antiques like crowns, candelsticks and angel wings. Y'all know I adore shabby chic/cottage/romantic styles the most but Modern miniatures are a close second. Along those lines I really love anything Japanese or Asian and thanks to a great mini galpal I have a few new pieces in my collection. Have a look at what I got:

A mini Buddha and a little ebony elephant! The first just over an inch, the animal is just under.

 I was lucky to get the Asian set, the tallest piece is 2.5 inches, the smallest an inch. The lovely 1:12 wood set I couldn't pass up for some reason. The scoops and cups are def playscale so I can use them when I fnally get a BJD and my Miniio dollhouse. Oneday..*sighs and smiles.

This last pic with the cupboards and drawers looks like nothing now but I plan to paint them white, add paper prints to the front of all with different bold paper prints, line the drawers and add delicate drop pull knobs and handles then place them in my mod craft room with a chandelier and tons of cupcake art! I can't wait! I love feeling inspired ...

So that's about it. I've got about 2wks till our Dollhouse Mini Show and sale. Two pieces are not even half done ( EV miniatures JUST mailed my $1100 worth of collectables. She said she'd mail it in June..then expected me to throw in for the EXPRESS mail I demanded since she's so late. Won't buy from her again. On the other hand..Jennifer M. Sutherland who made my Psychic doll paid $75 out of her own pocket  to get her piece to me on time! I'll be sure to promote her work at the event!) and one left unfinished. Might just show it as is: the smoothie cart. I'd like to wait till my fruit and veggie work is up to par before I show it. So I'll be doing a lot of work last minute..praying my stuff gets here in time! Of course y'all will get to see it all right here when they're done.
Right now I've got a crusty roll with a BLT and mayo center, some salty potato chips and a really great movie to cuddle up and watch. So that's where me and the girls are heading: Oh what the heck let's see them too..May I present:

Her mom, Penelope (Nellers)

And my Asian princess ... Dita!

Minihugs and BIG love From all of Us! (Hope you like big wet puppy kisses! I do!) xoxxox
PS: In case your wondering here's a couple shots of me so you know what I look like:

Getting old but still pretty cute! LOL LMFAO! Kisses!!


  1. Natasha! The photos aren't working for me...but it sounds like things are coming along! :)

    1. Oh Amelia, I know! My comps got a virus I'm sure! Just reloaded the pics all over..still showing little boxes but I can't edit them out. Anyhoo..please come back, they are working now sweets! Tell me what you think!!(and thanks for visiting!!!) xo

  2. I love the new font! I can read it much better. And the new background is awesome. I adore all your new creations. Especially the cottage Settee and the cakes! Did you know, if you go to and go through the AIM mag archives, there are two Advent Calender issues! For 2009 and 2010. They appear between November and December and they are 24 days of projects! I got some great ideas for some Christmas sweets for that Christmas room Box I'm planning that I asked you to make me some food for, and I'd love to try my hand at some of the more simple ones (mincemeat in a jar, so cute!) You have so much talent, girl, it's only a matter of time before you have an Etsy shop up and running!

    1. Thanks for your support and sweet words of encouragement...Yes I adore AIM as well, great projects! Can't wait to see you making mini's Ruth, we'll have so much fun this year! And I'm very excited to make some Holiday goodies for you..any idea what you'll be wanting made? I'm looking so forward to having a shop..but not till I'm really ready. It's coming though..I mean why in the world not eh??? - hugs oo

  3. Hi Natasha! Now THIS is a fun blog--I'm so glad I found you today! Your mini desserts are fantastic. They'd look perfect in my miniature Cupcake Cottage. :-) Do you have an Etsy shop? Nice to meet you. Come on over and visit my blog sometime and say "hi." Until your next post.... xo Jennifer

  4. Jennifer! You are super sweet, your compliments make me fluff up like a happy bird! You think my blog is fun?! Yours is incredibly delightful and entertaining! I would be more than honored to contribute a piece of my work to your lovely 'Cupcake Cottage'. I do not yet have an Etsy but I'm def working on it! Regardless, if you know what you'd like I would love to make you an item of your choosing (always up for a challenge ;) ) or perhaps you would like to do a 'trade'? I have never done one but I had just decided the other day to write about my hopes to do one or two in my next blog post ... Either way I am soooo happy to have you as one of my followers. If I ever get to 50 I plan on holding a give away or maybe even a small mini contest. Off to finish a modern piece ( a table accessory ) so I have something to blog about later today.. Stay tuned! BIG hugs new friend! xo

  5. Congrats Natasha, your work is lovely! And i know what you mean - I just love being inspired too :)

  6. (there must be something wrong with your blog template I'm afraid, as the subscriber list/link and your blogroll keep disappearing (they are visible when you first oper any post's comment link, but if you reload it they go away).

    (also, I hate to be so nitpicking but your pretty font is rather un-easy on my eyes. It's ok as long as there are a few lines of text, but longer posts are really difficult to read. Sorry about that... but as you've just launched this I thought it better to give you some feedback :)

    1. AH Marcella..Thank you for visiting and for the feedback. I've made a couple changes but am really not happy and won't be until I can afford to have my blog designed to my specifications. I know what I want but have not found a way to do it myself. Oh well. I'll figure it out one way or another, hopefully sooner rather than later! I'm so very delighted that you like what you see me making...may we both be tremendously inspired and productive mini-makers! Hugs!

  7. Hi Natasha, today I found your lovely Blog !!
    You make such yummie cake's, and your aloe looksm great !
    Why make it smaller, they come in all sizes :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

    1. Hello Mieke! I love your name, it's soooooo beautiful! I also love that you stopped by my blog and even more that you choose to follow!I really appreciate the compliment, especially from a stranger (now turned new mini-friend). Thank you for that. Hugs and kisses back at ya! xoxoxoxo

  8. I love that bench! It is so gorgeous. I would totally put it in one of my dollhouses. I love all your cakes.
    I don't think I could have waited 2 months for some collectibles. Especially $1100 worth. I would have had a heart attack and dropped dead. LOL!
    I'm glad you are going to try this kit bashing thing. I only started making dollhouses 2 years ago myself. So that goes to show it's not that hard to accomplish. Great pictures of you and your cute little family!!

  9. Sweet Caroline! Ahhhhh...I could look at your blog photos for a very long time; I find your work so beautiful, unique and ingenius. I am over the moon that you like my stuff okay and you following me is the icing on my cake! I would so offer to GIVE you the bench I made but I don't think it's well made enough to do that. I might embarress myself you know? What I'd LOVE to do though (if your game) is make a small trade with you.?! I could re-make the bench (better), make you your choice of cake and other desserts with a few surprises plus. If it's the pillows you like, they are from Tru2Scale but I found they do not sew or bend well. Again, I don't like the job I did on them and wouldn't want to include shabby work in any type of exchange, unless it's shabby 'chic' that is. :) The material is very tough and it was hard for me to make nice corners or machine sew without tearing when you flex the seams. Although your probably a whiz with a needle and thread, unlike myself, aren't you? I can't believe you've only been doing this 2 years! You have a huge amount of talent in the art department. Did you ever study? FYI I finally got my order today. The show is Sunday. Thankfully most of the items look great..a couple pieces were definitly rushed though. Won't spend money like that again unless I'm buying pieces I can see in front of me before I pay. Lesson learned. Hoping to hear you have placed or won your compitition..yeah great kit, sparks the imagination; would make a sweet patisserie with an outdoor garden patio and sunroom! TEA PARTY! Before I you have pets? Okay finally that's it...MWAH!X

  10. Hi Natasha,amazing minis!! It's a plesure to visit the blog.Miniregards from Spain.

    1. Hi there Tink-Sonia. Thank you for checking out my corner of the world! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country rich with culture; the spanish mini's I've seen are incredibly well crafted. I'm delighted that you like my work..come back again, my next post will have oodles of stuff to show you. ^^