Sunday, 23 September 2012

Show pieces, contemporary work and bashing hutches..

Hello to all my new friends and followers! We are steadily getting closer to a group of 50, and that means a give-away, so pass on my link and I'll soon reveal the prize! I hope y'all like the changes I've made to my blog. It's not what I will eventually use for the business but I am still saving up to have my Logo and blog designed professionally. I plan on having that done asap so that I will be able to create a banner, business cards and packaging that match and have it all ready so I can have my own table next year at Edmontons' Annual Dollhouse Show and Sale. This year I was not ready to do that but at the last minute I decided to put a few items out during the last hour of the day. I SOLD SEVERAL PIECES and made over $100 in less than 45 minutes! I learned a few lessons about the items I'll need and how to display and set up properly so all in all I' thrilled! And oh yeah, I even showed two large pieces: My 'Dita Von Draco Tea and Tarot' Tent, as well as, 'Cupcakes' Baked Goods (dumb name, picked to fit the sign during a last minute snafu). Would you like to take a look? Okay:

Here is my Psychic/ Fortune Tellers' Tent. I had NO IDEA how to make a proper tent; couldn't find any kind of plans, not even real ones, so this is what they got.

The star of the scene .. Ms. Dita Von Draco. Made by the wonderful J.D.Sutherland. Did you see her Leopard print platforms? She HAD to have them..
And her little dog (Mystic) too!
Tea leaves, Tarot cards, her Spell book and a snack of course.. Yes the crystal ball glows bright green but you can't see it in the photo.. sorry. 
A Bat cage, Dragon embryo, her wand, Love trap and a Vampire skull are some of her favorite things. All made by EV miniatures. (Package came a day and a half before the show. The pieces were rushed and many were falling apart or didn't even fit together. They were no where near as nice as the photos I ordered from. Letter of dissatisfaction on it's way...)

All in all I am happy with this creation, especially since it is the first scene I've ever done. I will probably pull it apart though and turn it from a stall into a Psychic roombox with a pleated ceiling like I've seen done by Dale Flutey. Definitely learned my lesson about buying expensive works instead of creating them myself. This year I am going to invest in me instead; I spent over $1400 on the 'tent'/contents and got a very muted response to it. I spent probably $40 on my bakery cart supplies, made everything (food, cart, picnic table) and it got a great reception and more than my share of compliments. So let's look at it:
My miserable attempt at 'natural light' photography.. now where is the damned light supposed to be? Not there, that's for sure. Lol.
Love my little sign with it's tiny chain link.

Venus cookies and cream cheese bunnies.

Goods for sale! All I can smell is cinnamon, strawberries and vanilla sponge.. can you? FYI:   Many of my food items are scented ...
                           Mitts and towel by Lug Art provide that last shabby touch.

Apple pie by Kim Saulter. Everything else by Moi!

Another quick look at my picnic table in the soft afternoon sunshine. The breeze blows the fragrance of raspberries and fabric softener through the air...
So those are the show pieces .. I hope you like them. One question though: Now what do I do with them? A mini friend of mine and I were approached about showing our work at a high-end Art supply store/gallery last spring. Neither of us were prepared at the time but now that I've accumulated some of my work it may soon be possible. I'll let y'all know first thing if it happens, I'm thinking late spring/ early summer 2013. So exciting!
I have wanted to make a modern piece or two for some time. I have plans for a quarter scale A-frame house I bought (can you imagine all the tiny contemporary wood, steel and glass furniture I can make?), as well as saving for a momoko 1:6 doll so I can make larger more detailed food items. One of my most favorite artists in this style is Lene from DragonDee Miniatures. She offers a tutorial on how to make a lovely origami paper folder which I tried. My piece is a little off because I struggled with the measurements that are not provided. Again I've learned from the mistakes I made and the next one will be better. All my errors are surely paving my way towards least I hope so, because I make many!! Lene features many amazing modern touches so I tried to make a small plant and rock terrarium similar to hers. The rocks and grass are handmade (which explains why there is so few) and I'm looking forward to making more (wanna make bamboo shoots)in different scales. What do y'all think of these?

I got into Miniatures last summer after seeing mini food on Utube. I had been on there doing Japanese Deco crafts and trading packages with some of the other girls. Now that I've discovered all you incredible mini artisans I'm hoping to do some trading again. Luckily I have negotiated my very first mini-swap! Ayumi Suzuki is my gal. I have decided to make her a side board/cupboard with her choice of cake as well as cookies or dessert, with tea or coffee. So far I've started with 3 pieces all created by tearing apart and re-assembling Michaels Hutches. I know I should wait until they're done but I just have to show you what I'm doing:
This peach one will be papered with the red toile paper and given frosted glass doors. Here's her drop ring handles:
Next is my shabby white cupboard, still waiting for its' wood filler, sanding and second coat of paint. Once she is tiled I will fasten on her handles:

The sign will be distressed and the decal mounted properly. 

Tangy berries and cupcakes with more icing than cake. Really MUST practice my piping skills..also needs a leaf.

                                                   Last in this little series is my favorite:

Isn't she sweet..just wait till I' finished with her!

My pumpkin spice loaf slices came out perfect, YAY!!!

...and my loaf itself is something special. I just adore it! Sprayed my pans with textured outdoor spray paint, a little trick I picked up from my idol Kim Saulter.
Speaking of Kim..have you ever viewed her craft room photos? She has a beautiful shelf in it that I have to recreate for my groups' annual project this year. I am making two large pieces: A modern craft room and a 'White' room. This shelf is definitely not an exact replica but its close enough for's what it looks like so far:
I will paper the inside completely and add doors and handles. A finished Dollhouse will sit on top and I will fill it with quarter scale furnishings to look like they were created in the craft room.
Whew..that was a lot of stuff to show you.. Before I go I'll share one last idea: These are the colors for my business; blog, packaging etc...Peach with a Red Toile pattern. I want my packaging to consist of a brown paper wrap or box, doily and rough string, covered with a colored logo business card or label. Kinda like this (but not quite):
Alright that's all.. unless you want to take a last look at my Charlotte a little closer:
Unfortunately my icing was too soft and I lost my piped peaks..How much corn starch do you gotta add - I used a shitload! Oh well..Happy thoughts.
Off to enjoy a spiced cider with a cinnamon stick and a day spent waiting for the ovens' timer .. Please follow or leave a comment, I cherish them. If you would like to trade or to order custom work just let me know!
Mini Hugs and BIG love! xoxo 





  1. Everything looks great Nathasha, Isn't that paint so much fun? Glad you enjoy my craft room. Can't wait to see your mini one. Keep going and do what you love :) Mini hugs~ Kim

    1. Thank you Kim..You inspire me so. I hope you have half as much fun perusing my blog as I do yours! xo

  2. You have done a great job with the cakes , good luck with everything, it looks like you are having fun !

    1. I'm having so much fun! Couldn't stop if I tried! Thanks Julie! BIG hugs!

  3. I'm all for having more modern miniatures on the market *yay*

    Cool fortune teller scene. Really diggin' her shoes =0)

    1. Hi Pepper..I am soooo happy to see you here on my blog. I adore your work! And I love shoes period (they always fit!Lol!)..Do you have any new tutorials? I'd sure love to try a couch or chair! Please don't be a stranger, Mini and BIG hugs!

  4. I love your excitement! I think you will just do fantastic with your mini business. I mean selling over $100nin 45 minutes must be a sign. You will succeed!

    1. Hello lovely lady! I sure hope your right. There are so many (better) artists out there..I'm just so grateful that a few people like what they see. I have searched for a long time to find something I love to do that I can make money at. Hope to God this might be it. I'm going to give it my best shot anyways! Thanks for mini friends like you! xo

  5. Natasha, you picked nice colors for your business! Good luck! Mini hugs, Natalia

  6. I thank you very much for the kind compliment, I'm glad you like it! Hugs to you Natalia (BTW I get called that ALL the time!) :)

  7. Your minis are fabulous! Welcome!!

  8. WOW! You have so many great things here! I LOVE all of your furniture, did you make those from scratch? And your food looks so yummy! And your business cards are SO precious! I love everything!

    1. The side-boards are put together from crappy, bashed $1. hutches from my local craft store..BIG love Blake!

  9. Oh my gosh, I'm in mini heaven!!!! I just love your tiny scenes--so amazing!!

    1. A wonderful compliment from one of my favorite artist..happy day for me, thank you sweet thing!! hugs!

  10. I have to say you are very talented and wish you great success on the sales of your miniatures. I was very disappointed however to see you publicly bashing another miniaturist, that should be between you and she.

  11. Thank you for taking a peek at my work and leaving such a sweet comment despite your disappointment.. much love..